Mortley Sprague Hand drive generator (HD550/HD600)

The Mortley Sprague Hand Driven/Cranked Generator now manufactured by Camis Electronics delivers 50 Watt peak power output and weighs less than 4kg. Using 'rare earth' rotor technology and electronics with a hermetically sealed casing. Commonly used by the military to act as a back-up power source.

Built to ISO 9001 procedures and operating to MIL-STD 810E military standards

Mortley Sprague Hand Drive/Crank generator Part Number List (HD550/HD600)

Camis Part No. Description
98E24567 HD550B 24V Hand Cranked Generator
98E25001 HD550A 12V Hand Driven Generator
98E08380 HD600 Mk2 12V & 24V Hand Driven Generator

98E25092 HD550B 24V Output Cable
98E25093 HD550A 12V Output Cable
98E25113 HD600 Dual BB590 Output Cable
07A25098 Monopod Footstand
73A25083 Generator Carry Bag

Technical Specifications for the HD550 / HD600 Hand cranked generators

Dimensions 210mm by 185mm by 150mm (handles folded in)
Weight Less than 4kg
Alternator 3 phase / rare earth magnets
Open circuit voltage HD55A 15.7v (for charging 12v batteries)
  HD550B 31.8v (for charging 24v batteries)
  HD550G 17.0v (for charging 15v batteries)
  HD600 15.7v or 31.8v (dual output)
Peak output power HD550 series 50watts
  HD600 60 watts
Features Short and open circuit protection
  Reverse polarity protection
  LED display of output / reverse polarity connection
  Built in thermals shutdown protection
  Dual handles
  Low torque
  Quiet operation
  Reliable proven technology
  Designed for rugged military use, Aluminium case
  Carry case, tree mount and output cables
Military specification - All models

Vibration Reference 514.4 Section 1 - 3.4.9 Category 10    
Shock Reference 516.4 Section 1 Procedure V Transit drop  
Immersion Preference 512.3 Section 11-3 Procedure 1 Basic leakage  
Temperature Reference 501.3        
  Storage Section 1 Procedure 1 Table 501-3-111 Hot 2
  operating Section 1 - procedure 11 Table 501.3-11 Hot A2
  Reference 502.3        
  Storage Section 11 procedure 1 Table 502-3-1 Cold C1
  Operating Section 11 Procedure 11 Table 502-3-1 Cold C1

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