Cable Assembly & Wiring Service

Do you buy cable sets / looms / wire harnesses / cut wires?
Do you want to reduce costs?
Do you need improved service levels?
If so, our NEW Artos Cr-22 Wire Processing Machine may be the answer!
Camis is the first to have this State of the Art equipment in the UK. Cr22

The CR-22 provides numerous benefits including:

  • High volume runs with speeds up to 5m per sec.
  • Reduced set-up times.
  • Increased process efficiencies for both large batch size and high mix production runs

All this means higher quality products being delivered faster at extremely competitive prices.
Whether a simple switch assembly cut, stripped and fitted with crimped terminals, or a bespoke harness with connectors, switches and fuses, Camis can supply all your needs.


What do Camis processing facilities include?

  • - Material cutting
  • - Stripping
  • - Window/mid stripping
  • - Auto bootlace ferruling
  • - Wire end twisting
  • - Marking with labels
  • - Coiling with long wires
  • - Harness / job sequencing
  • - Hot stamp marking
  • - Wire end tinning
  • - Insertion of weather seals
  • - Closed barrel crimping
  • - Ink jet marking
  • - Batching of finished wires
  • - Short length processing
  • - Multi-core cable production
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